Engaging with God through

contemplative sight


what is it

Latin for "Divine Seeing" Visio Divina is an ancient practice that invites God to speak to us by prayerfully, intentionally, and contemplatively looking at an image. 

what you get

Subscribers will receive 4 different packages

in the mail throughout the year.

Each package will include:

  • an original art print by Nolan Lee 

  • step-by-step instructions for how to engage with God using the image 

  • prompts to help stir further reflection

  • explanation of the practice & more


why it matters

For centuries churches covered their walls in art. Imagery was a common and vital way for people to connect, hear from, and engage with God. But over the past 100 years or so, this has changed drastically. Nowadays it is rare to find any art in churches.

We think this is a huge problem. 

Visio Divina uses the sense of contemplative sight to experience God in a fresh, unique, Holy-Spirit-led kind of way. Not only will your relationship with God deepen through the practice of Visio Divina, it will awaken your soul to a whole new connection to God.

as a gift

Visio Divina makes the perfect gift! Order a subscription for your friend, family, kids' teacher,

co-worker, or you!

(First package will arrive in time for Christmas)