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"Because of GLAM, women ranging in ages 14-88 had the opportunity to come together & connect as sisters in Christ. Thank you GLAM for providing us with the opportunity to reflect on the truth & freedom only Jesus can provide. What a beautiful & necessary thing! I am so excited to see transformation happening within the lives of the women at Canyon Ridge thanks to your ministry!"

- Canyon Ridge Christian Church

Las Vegas, NV

"GLAM has been a highlight for our students year-in and year-out. It's a breath of fresh air amidst all the negative comments, thoughts, and situations we get bombarded with daily. We look forward to GLAM every year because it offers us the chance to learn who God says we are & leave feeling more confident in our own skin."

- Student Ministries

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Menlo Park, CA


"Thanks to GLAM, I feel like I actually have real tools to grow in the areas of my life I am struggling in."

"GLAM brought to light some things that I was allowing to be hidden from my view and helped me recognize how these things were truly impacting me."

"I have been impacted deeply by GLAM. It's hard to even explain the depths of how it has launched me into a deep realization of who I am, where I came from, and that despite my past, I can live in true freedom. Because of these revelations, I am being launched into the calling God has always had over my life."

"GLAM is awesome because it offers women a space to talk about emotional and relational struggles they face as well as struggles of self worth in an open and safe environment." 

"Authentic sharing and the word of God create a space of deepening spiritual formation."

"I've become complacent and ok with where I am with God, but GLAM helped me see my issues with perfectionism that I didn't realize had such a crippling hold on me in relationships and career."

"Everything is crafted to show what being an honestly beautiful woman is and how to find our identity and worth in the eyes of God."

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