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Come into the midst of God, in the midst of your day

Busy? Tired? Can't find time for God? "In The Midst" with Brooke Lee was created to help you encounter God right in the midst of your day. Whether you're folding laundry, commuting to work, picking up cheerios off of the floor, exercising at the gym, or going for a walk around the neighborhood, "In The Midst" will guide you toward experiencing, seeing, and engaging with God right in the midst of it all. And this isn't your typical podcast. Think: a little more devotional and a little less podcast. So, pull up a seat, or grab those shirts to fold, or keep your eyes on the road and experience the presence of God with you in the midst.

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"There's been such a need for a podcast like this, a breather in the middle of your day to shift our focus to God. This is a great resource to reflect on God while doing virtually anything! As someone who deals with anxiety and stress, this podcast gives me a moment of peace to set my focus and thoughts on where they need to be."


"In this season of my life, I'm a terrible reader! This podcast is an answer to prayer! I can listen on-the-go, fill my heart up with truth and love, and feel like I've spent time with a kindred spirit."



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