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GLAM hosts relevent, engaging and transforming community experiences that speak directly into the hearts and souls of the women in our community. Having worked in churches for a number of years, we understand the importance of bringing people together to form community. We also understand the time, effort and energy it takes to put on a meaningful event that not only establishes such community, but continues to maintain that community.
We have spent several years dreaming up and creating experiences that we believe achieve that hope. Our experiences bring women together on topics we can all relate to, we break down walls by encouraging and modeling honest and vulnerable dialogue, and we place a high priority on authentic connection during and after the event.     

One of our greatest hopes for any GLAM event is that it would be a launching pad to deep and authentic community among women. 

Watch this short video to get a snapshot of our GLAM events...

"We want women to come together, get real about the things going on in their lives, find companionship in one another, and learn how to journey from a life of struggle to a life of freedom. Our events are designed to make you feel like you are walking into your best friend's house; comfortable, loving, safe, and healing. GLAM wants every woman to feel welcome and to know that she is loved and embraced exactly as she is, imperfections and all."

Our founder & speaker, Brooke Lee, is also available for hire to speak at your church, school, camp, or group. Brooke has a true passion for teaching and has specific experience speaking to youth & women. For more information on Brooke, please click here. For a price quote, please contact us directly with your request. 

Interested in hiring us? Lets Talk.

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