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What would it take for this Christmas season to actually matter? You know, to not wake up in January wondering, "Where did this Chirstmas season go?"


Journey back with me over 2,000 years ago and discover a different kind of Chirstmas story. One that reeks of depth, but lacks in show. A Christmas that commanded the stars to move as they discreetly signaled Heaven's presence on earth. Let's receive the invitation to momentarily respite, day after day, quietly defying the hustle of the season and embrace instead the silent, simple, manger-glory.


The Details:

In this newly revised version you will find 25-entries (one for each day of December leading up to Christmas), a daily format to follow, reflective questions, and hands-on practices to help you engage with Jesus this Chirstmas season in a meaningful way. A perfect gift for your friends, family, small group, co-workers, church staff, kids' teachers, and more! Go through it on your own, with your spouse at night, over coffee with a friend, together as a small group, or with your family (there are a number of fun practices to do with your kids!). 

"The Manger Glory" Christmas Devotional

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