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Suffering is inevitable. We all will face it at some point in our lives. Loss, betrayal, addiction, regret, trauma, cancer, divorce, abuse. It's no mystery that suffering is part of the human experience.​ The problem is that when suffering hits, we haven't the slightest clue how to navigate it. Not to mention the limited amount of resources available to us when we do. 


A Guide Through Suffering is an interactive workbook that provides both gentle shepherding and tangible steps for the person walking through suffering. Each chapter is filled with reflective questions, tools for how to navigate the various aspects of suffering, permission and space to wrestle out the aching questions, and guidance for how to access real, life-saving Hope and healing.


If you find yourself at that painful intersection of what you thought would happen in your life and the tragedy of what actually happened, this guide is for you. 




Preorders include:

  • First access to the guide (months before it releases to the general public!)
  • An invitation to an exclusive release party in San Diego (May 21, 2022); a special reading & book signing by Brooke, a time of prayer, light refreshments, and more! (electronic invitation to follow pre-order)


You'll be able to pick up your preorder at the release party on Saturday, May 21st in San Diego, CA, otherwise all remeaining preorders will be shipped the week of May 23rd, 2022. 


Preorders will be available until May 17th. Regular orders will begin August 2022.

For the Sufferer

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