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Someone you love is facing an unimaginable season of life: cancer, divorce, loss, abuse, addiction, etc., and you are left asking, "How can I be there for them?" The truth is, most people are recklessly ill-equipped when it comes to walking alongside someone in pain. 


A Guide Through Suffering: For the Companion provides practical equipping for the person companioning a sufferer. Each chapter is filled with tools to help you better understand the various aspects and needs of suffering, as well as tips, reminders, and suggestions you can put into practice immediately as you come alongside your suffering loved one. 




Preorders include:

  • First access to the guide (months before it releases to the general public!)
  • An invitation to an exclusive release party in San Diego (May 21, 2022); a special reading & book signing by Brooke, a time of prayer, light refreshments, and more! (electronic invitation to follow pre-order)


You'll be able to pick up your preorder at the release party on Saturday, May 21st in San Diego, CA, otherwise all remeaining preorders will be shipped the week of May 23rd, 2022. 


Preorders available until May 17th. Regular orders will begin August 2022.

For the Companion

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